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This Memory Collection is from 2008-2011. It includes all songs off of the Cds "You Gotta Stand" and "Believe" on one disc.

Features: Bob, Nancy, James, Amanda, Rose, MaryAnna, Charis, Charity.

    Memory Collection Vol 2

    • Songs on this CD:

      1. You've Got to Stand 
      2. Hard Times / Who Cares
      3. Black Mtn Rag
      4. Tis So Sweet,
      5. He Lives!
      6. Long Black Train
      7. Red Haired Boy Medley
      8. Kingdom Creek
      9. Under the Sun
      10. Orange Blossom Special
      11. I Will Be Here
      12. Amazing Grace
      13. Somebody Believed
      14. Me and God
      15. Down to the River
      16. Believe!
      17. It Is no Secret
      18. Leaning
      19. 4 Days Late
      20. This God
      21. Just Be With You
      22. Blueberry Hotcakes
      23. Wings of a Dove
      24. What’s Going Without Saying
      25. Just a Closer Walk
      26. Live Like You Were Dying
      27. I will Praise the Lord
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