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The Memory Collection 2005-2007 is Only Here for  a Little While and Something Personal combined onto one disc.

Features: Bob, Nancy, Susanna James, Rose, MaryAnna, Charis, Charity.


We are truly  ONLY HERE FOR A LITTLE WHILE and desire with all our hearts to make the most of each moment together. And we sincerely
pray that the impact of each moment will do something towards drawing our friends and loved ones closer to Christ - so we can be together forever
on the other side of this life.

Memory Collection Vol 1

    1. Only Here for a Little While,
    2. What a Friend Medley
    3. Daddy Sang Bass
    4. Blackberry Blossom
    5. Coat of Many Colors
    6. Traditional Bluegrass Instrumental
    7. Power in the Blood Medley
    8. Love God
    9. Wayfarin' Stranger
    10. Fiddle Medley
    11. Just a Little Bit
    12. Amazing Grace/I Saw the Light
    13. Something Personal'
    14. Master's Call
    15. It Only Takes a Miracle
    16. Tears of a Butterfly
    17. Gypsy Tea
    18. Daddy Couldn't Settle Down
    19. I Want to Give it All
    20. Keep on the Sunny Side
    21. I Go to The Rock
    22. Rodeo Preacher
    23. Amazing Grace
    24. Fiddle Medley
    25. Prayer Medley
    26. Touch of the Master's Hand
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